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Brookline's Neighborhood Gym, 310 Harvard St., Brookline, MA 02446, 617-566-1155

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Gym History

The roots of the Coolidge Corner Gym are traced to January 7, 1974 when it opened as the Body Shoppe for women at the site of the old Allston Cinema (now Staples). In 1978 Bob Merwin sold the business to gym manager Maria Kovaks and it moved to Soldiers Field Road in Brighton (near Martignetti's).

After aproximately nine months the gym relocated to the top floor of 310 Harvard Street in Brookline. Two years later, the gym wanted to expand to include male members so it moved to a larger space in the lower level of the same building.

In aproximately 1995, the gym was purchased and re-named Fitness Connection. In 2005 the gym was again sold, becoming member-owned and called Coolidge Corner Gym.