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Nutritional Counseling

Beth Morse is our in-house nutrition consultant. She has a Masters in nutrition from Boston University and is an ACE certified personal trainer.

Introductory Nutrition Session ($80)


• Set your personal nutrition goals
• Determine your calorie needs using body fat percentage
• Find your energy requirements based on your basal metabolic rate
• Translate your calorie goals into food terms
• Learn how many servings of each food group you need per day
• Discuss your current diet and food preferences.
• Learn how to incorporate these while maintaining a healthy diet

Follow-up Nutrition Session ($60)

These sessions will vary depending on your goals and progress. Beth will address your current needs.

Sessions may include:

• Meal Planning. Practice making your own balanced diet for one meal, one day or one week

• Learn how to apply your nutrition knowledge outside of the home

• Learn how to spot healthy foods in convenience stores or on restaurant menu

• Motivate yourself. Beth will teach you motivational tools for living a healthy lifestyle.

• • •

Contact Beth to set up your appointment: